Anxiety from the beginning..

After a short time of experiencing anxiety I read several books, and researched many websites, that once I had my first visit with my psychologist, and he began to explain where anxiety resonated from, it was like being told the same story over and over. In this post, although sounding like a hypocrite, will explain briefly to those who are not aware.

Anxiety dates back to our cavemen days, when things were simple, kill to eat, and run when there is danger. This is where the ‘fight or flight’ instinct comes from. Back then anxiety was a very important emotion in order to survive, if you are in danger it allows your mind to quickly determine whether you need to attack ‘fight’ or run away ‘flight’, this was extremely important. In the modern world it’s unlikely we have to navigate these instincts in response to a predator running toward you.

Although being anxious is a commonly shared emotion among us nowadays, a state of panic is seldom a reaction we need to survive. For someone with anxiety disorder, when they begin to panic it sends signals to the brain to react as a defence mechanism. As some of you are fully aware, your heart starts to race, your breathing becomes hitched, you begin to sweat, and you feel dizzy and disorientated… basically you’re in panic mode. Since our origins this has been vital to survive, pumping adrenaline into your body ready for you to react as quickly, and successfully as possible. Unfortunately, although we’d like too, this is so built in us that it cannot be removed, it can simply be accepted, and dealt with.

This is something important to remember when suffering with anxiety disorder, that your body is trying to protect you, so will definitely not harm you…or kill you, as I used to convince myself. There is no danger, and our bodies do not respond to how our mind thinks we would, the adrenaline does not get challenged, and we end up panicking even more that something surreal is happening to us. We were panicking about nothing, and now we are panicking about panicking. It’s an endless circle of panic.

It may sound ridiculous, but your body is trying to help you!

I know I have not posted in a couple of days, but I am still continuing with the blog. I have just been a bit busy (and lazy), so will be writing a new post in my usual page tonight.


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