Can we talk about social media?

With social media having the biggest influences on society today, we find ourselves prisoners in our own desires to seek what others appear to have so effortlessly. An endless feed of attractive, skinny, popular, wealthy and happy people. We obsess over our perceptions of a persons ‘perfect life’ without realising it’s bullshit. We create unrealistic goals for what we need to achieve in order to be happy, and continue to want more. No wonder we feel so fucking miserable.

This is our society now, and social media has caused our generation to judge people on how many likes their recent post got, rather than whether they’re a decent person. We find ourselves missing important moments in our lives because we spend it on our phones, taking pictures to put on social media, and scrolling through endless feeds.

Social media plays a huge role in mental well-being, because we live in a world that is becoming more vain and materialistic. We create insecurities based on what others have that we don’t, and compare ourselves to people we admire and become disappointed by the person we are. It involves a fabrication of lies that causes us to seek perfection is an imperfect world. When will we start accepting ourselves for the person we are? Because that is enough.

Mental health can affect anyone, and we never know what someone is going through, despite how we perceive them on social media. We need to stop judging each other and ourselves for not having the most likes or the most followers, and accept other peoples, and our own individuality.

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