Dear Future Self

Since the last post was quite a painful one, I wanted to do a more inspirational post this time. When I started University, the lecturers recommended to us that we write a note to our future selves, so I wrote a ‘Dear future me’. I think this is transferable to any achievement or goal you hope to make in your life, no matter how big or how small. Sometimes we get so caught up with the idealism of what we want, that once we have it we take it for granted. I often have to remind myself to live in the moment, and remember that where I am now, is exactly where I wanted to be once upon a time.

My ‘Dear future self’ note was to remind me of why I started a career in Nursing, and I hope to re read it every time I feel like giving up.  This was the note I made, and if like me you feel you need encouragement once in a while, why not be that encouragement you need?

To all my fellow health care workers, and student nurses, you are already amazing for doing what you do. Even those who don’t choose it for a career, just being kind, and being you is enough.

Dear Future Self,

Right now you may be be feeling the wrath of exhaustion, from shift work, lack of sleep and motivation to write that essay. If you’re missing out on social events and lack of money from working for free, I wanted to remind you of why you started your journey to become a nurse. You love caring for people, there’s nothing that’s ever made you feel quite like it. The compassion you have given has lit up a hundred faces, and impacted so many lives. It may not be so familiar now, but you have finished so many shifts feeling a sense of overwhelming warmth and reward, just for being kind. The love you give is so important to so many people. Currently you may be stuck on that mind numbing essay, or up at 6 am getting ready for a shift that doesn’t finish until 9 tonight, but it will all be so worth it. In this moment, I know despite what’s to come that this is what you truly want. If right now it doesn’t seem like that, get through the rest of this degree and you’ll see it for yourself. This qualification and experience can take you anywhere, and it doesn’t have to mean you’ll be stuck in a hospital doing terrible shift work for the rest of your life. You have so many options. If by now you haven’t settled into the school environment you always found so difficult, you will get there. Continue to be kind and the right people will come into your life and you will find away to keep the wrong people out. And if your mental health has started to deteriorate again, just remember you overcame it once, and you can do it again.

Just keep going


2 thoughts on “Dear Future Self

  1. I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Sunshine blogger award. I’m not sure if you do award posts or not, so no pressure to accept. I mainly wanted to express my appreciation for your thought-provoking blog.


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