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A bit about me as a mental health sufferer: I was 18 years old when I had my first panic attack, which was the start of a downward spiral. I experienced extreme generalised and social anxiety, panic disorder and depression as a result. The next 2-3 years of my life were absolute hell, I became detached from those closest to me and the world as a whole. I have always been introverted, and my mind has always explored deeper, trying to find meaning, so have always struggled to really find meaningful relationships with people around me.

Since then I have learnt to control the panic attacks, and live with the anxiety. I have and always will be an anxious person, and am generally pretty socially awkward as well. I am currently studying as a Nurse at university, after years of working in care it is the only path that really felt right to take. I love helping people, it’s so rewarding, but having that lack of confidence, anxiousness and being a bit socially inept is a real struggle!

I started this blog to talk about my experiences in:

  • My personal life and coping with the mental health disorder
  • My professional life as a carer – caring for people whilst having my own issues
  • My experience at university and work and my awkward struggle with it all
  • My thoughts and feelings on a society plagued by social media and internet
  • Tips and coping mechanisms I have learnt along the way.

You are never on your own when it comes to mental health, and it always helps to have someone to talk to, or to just listen. Throughout my experience I had so much support from family and friends, even doctors, but it always helps to talk to someone who knows exactly how you feel.
My email address is livingwithmyanxiety@outlook.com


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